Otherwise known as “Sean” in the creative industry, and “Pao” for his friends and family, his first name is really Kryves [kriv].

A multimedia professional with over a decade of experience in advertising, marketing, and other corners of the creative industry. Kryves excels in creating disruptive marketing campaigns from stills to motion pictures. His style of storytelling always focuses on the client’s purpose and vision and transforming it into a visual masterpiece that creates brand loyalty and trust.

Living his personal mantra; “From pre to post”, he bridged the gap and created his own playground between the marketing and creative side of the industry; by being active in the strategic planning phase down to the small details for projected results. His style of work often results in excellent PR and impeccable returns for him and his clientele.

He specializes in branding identity, digital PR campaigns, guerrilla marketing, social media strategy, multimedia production and creative direction, among others. With his broad experience ranging from startups to corporations and various industries, he never stops tackling the digital realm head on.

In addition to Kryves&Co, he is also a board member and Chief Digital Officer of a Dallas-based merger and acquisition company called The Wedda Group.

- excerpt from Entrepreneurs.asia