Case Study: Anika Bakes

Anika Bakes

Opening a boutique bakery is already challenging in itself. Creating a brand that is personal yet pitches a premium feel to its products is not a walk in the park either. That’s just some of the realizations we got upon discovery. The client has a business name that is based on an inside joke with her family, but somehow she wants that story to be shared with strangers, customers, and future friends.


SERVICES RENDERED: Brand Identity | Packaging Design | Marketing Collaterals

The client’s specifics

A minimalist logo/wordmark that has a luxury feel to it, while keeping the warmth feeling like it was baked for you personally.

Think of grandma’s delicious cupcakes, but a branded and premium version of it!

Different clients, different approach

With this particular project, I started with the color palette. I showed different colors, and created various mood boards that screams luxury to the client. We ended with the magnum gold and light berry yogurt since for us, it has the perfect harmony of premium and playfulness.

That’s what she wants, that’s what she gets.

Once the client’s thought connects with the visuals, it’s game time!

I drafted a couple of minimalist logo, but ended up on the font choice and word mark because the story of the brand is the most important aspect of the logo, and we don’t want any distractions from that. The melted graphics and whisk are a playful addition that also makes the inside jokes stronger, (kitchen mess anyone?)

We ended with the melted icings and batters on the packaging and business card to emphasize the mess and imperfections the client experienced, while creating the perfect cupcakes (which the gold color represents) for her clientele.