Case Study: Capstone Medical Billing Holdings

Capstone Medical Billing Holdings

1: a coping stone : COPING2: the high point : crowning achievement the capstone of her career

Capstone Medical Billing Holding is an investment consortium company dedicated to acquiring and rolling up medical billing businesses.


SERVICES RENDERED: Brand Identity | Digital Strategy | Web Design

The client’s specifics

A brand identity that speaks integrity, high morale, and the highest standard of professionalism for its clients, partners, and teams.

Different clients, different approach

I started with the logo in black and white. Since the term “capstone” is widely used in architecture, as the stone on top of arcs/bridges that provides strength to the foundation, I drafted it how it sounds like. The circle on top of the arc represents the capstone, while the arc was illustrated in a way that it represents a person giving a hug. The way the circle was implanted on the arc means that it’s not going anywhere. It’s fully integrated into the arc the way their vision, goal, and promise are.

Once the client’s thought connects with the visuals, it’s game time!

It was also designed to look like a person going for an embrace to signify the personal care and concern they have for their clients and partners.

The color strong blue represents trust and professionalism, while the orange represents their modern approach, saying they’re still riding on the digital wave and is still loving every minute of it.