Case Study: Outpost Agency

Outpost Agency

How do you create a brand identity for a company that also carries and represents different international brands? Outpost is the exclusive destination for international fashion brands pursuing Australian distribution. The challenge is in creating a distinguishable mark that also compliments the numerous brands that they carry.



The client’s specifics

When I think of the word “outpost”, I can imagine a number of images that has something to do with a small structure that serves as a checkpoint. The early drafts that I created is either an icon that represents the said structure, or a tower.

Different clients, different approach

After a series of discoveries and brainstorming with the client, I remembered how a ship route looks like. A lot of times a ship passes through a narrow canal called strait, and in the old days of trading, a lot of deals can happen on those straits.

Once the client’s thought connects with the visuals, it’s game time!

Out of all the iconographies and logo marks that I created, that resembles a physical structure related to a checkpoint or “outpost”, the final design is actually a surprise for me and the client!

We ended with the letter “O” in outpost, broke the line above and below to represent a strait, and finalized what seems to be the most minimalist yet powerful logo I ever created. It reminded us that a mark doesn’t have to be complicated and intricate, sometimes the simplest things can leave the biggest impact.